Thursday, July 18, 2013

Crying Wolf

Paige has never been one to go with the flow.  She creates her own flow and expects everyone to follow her.  It doesn't surprise me when she's difficult or changes her mind frequently.  I admire the fact that she can make friends so easily and gets along with everyone while maintaining her own personality.  It does surprise me when she decides to put on a different persona in public and makes me look like a crazy person - or in this specific case, a child abductor. 

I had plans to attend a volunteer orientation for our local humane society and Hubby had a fire thing up the same night so Grama and Papa had said they would take P for us while we went about our business.  I decided to do the whole two birds/one stone thing and walk Paige and Bauer over to G&P's.  Bauer needed the exercise anyway and it really is not that far. 

Our street does not have sidewalks which suits me just fine tax wise - but that means I always want Paige to hold my hand and Paige thinks that I'm being over bearing because she's like two YEARS old already and can Do. Everything. Herself.  On our quiet side street I usually just let her walk but insist she stay right next to the curb so that I'm walking between her and the actual road. 

We do however, have to cross a highway to get to G&Ps and this is where I draw the line. Paige MUST hold my hand crossing the highway.  It is a crosswalk but without lights and people are notorious for whipping right through without even looking.  

We walked up to the crosswalk.  I grabbed Paige's hand - she immediately started struggling and fighting me.  {I'm also carrying a baggie full of steamy dog turd at this point}  I resist and walk holding her arm while she cries, screams and tries desperately to throw herself onto the highway, going so far as to lift her legs so that I look like I'm holding her up by her arm.  I can see the looks on the motorists faces as we take 10 minutes to cross. The judgment and head shaking. 

'Bad mother!' I see their gazes scold. 
Oh well what do I care what Susie Minivan thinks of me.  Then as we are half way across the road Paige looks out at the cars on either side and screams "HELP ME!" 

I'm expecting an unannounced visit from CFS in the next 2 - 5 days. 

Teens out there currently being embarrassed by your moms using current slang incorrectly, reminding you about personal hygene in front of your friends etc.- know this: YOU started it.  Any embarrasment your parents bring upon you is well deserved I assure you.



Parents can be embarrassing at any age as displayed by a very tiny Paige...

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