Friday, July 5, 2013

A Paige post

Something we all know, or are at the very least aware of the fact that its a common sentiment.  Kids grow up too quickly! 

Paige falls into that category.  She corrects me when I call her 'baby', actually she corrects me even when I'm not calling her anything.  She is sassy by nature but also seems to enjoy it.  Examples:

me: come here, baby, let's get dressed!
paige: I not a baby! I'm RUNNING AWAY *giggles*

me: paige, 5 more minutes then its bed time kaypasa?
*paige hears** 5 more minutes until bed (which is the WOooooRRST).  Okay, Pasa?
me: well that's nice but bedtime it will be in 5 minutes now you're wasting them being upset.
paige: (pointing a finger at me sternly) I no LIKE that!

me: paige, eat your food.
paige: its not food, its supper!
me: Ok, eat your supper.
paige: nooo its FoooooD not supper!

I often say to her, no way jose! (pronounced HO-say) when she wants to do something she shouldn't.  Paige thought this sounded fun to say - and lets face it, it is - so she tried but it came out 'no way josie' (Joe-sie) and then after a few weeks at it no way hosie (Hose-y) It's cute and funny to watch her learn a phrase that she thinks is neat.  The only thing funnier?  And I may not have 100% of people with me on this but when I say its bedtime and she's super-ridiculous tired instead of just crying 'NO' she cries 'NO WAY JOSE' and it makes me crack up every. single. time. which makes her more mad.

But one of the funniest things I've ever seen her do - and I totally should NOT have laughed but I couldn't help it- happened shortly after we moved.  (background info - when she is purposefully ignoring me or throwing a tantrum I often say, 'Paige, you're not listening to me and until you are I'm going to go over there' and let her have her fit.  The hubby and I were sitting on the couch after a long day and Paige came up to him and with her back turned to me said "You're not listening to me! HUMPH" and clapped her lips together.  She dileberately mocked me in front of me to Chad.  He looked at me and we both just bust a gut laughing.  Which, of course, made her do it over and over again - and we continued to laugh.

So there you have some Friday Paige-isms.  There are plenty more and I'm sure, plenty more on the way.

Have a great weekend!



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