Friday, June 14, 2013

T - 2 days

We get our house keys Monday.  THIS Monday.  FOR REAL!!

Also, yesterday I recieved some amaaaaazing news!  I had planned to sand down and re stain the  hardwood floors in our new house.  Alot of people told me not to - alot of people said that's the kind of thing you dont DIY.  I felt it in my guts that maybe I ought to call.  I'm a big believer in signs and baby, there were NEON signs saying CALL this number!  A couple we know hired a company to re-do the floors in her house and they turned out amazing - also the company was incredible to deal with.  Helpful, friendly, honest - everything you want in a business.  I caved I called and got the number - I called the company.  They were friendly and helpful from the word 'go'.  I explained to them our situtaion that the floors only need re-doing because part of the floor has been exposed and part has been covered (but not glued).  The expert on the line informed me that all we need to do is roll up the carpet and wait 2 to 3 months and the floor will look just like the other part - it just needs to be exposed to sunlight.  He explained it all out to me and gave me the quote I wanted anyway.  You know you're dealing with a good company when they tell you that you don't actually need them.  He could've told me anything and I'd  have believed it. 

I am so exstatically happy!  No sanding, and no money needs to be spent on the floors!! Eeek!  Now all we have to do is paint!  Painting certainly seems like a breeze after researching refurbishing a floor.  Plus this means I'll be guaranteed to get all of my painting done before moving day!!

Monday at 10 am sharp I meet with our contractor, who is closing in a window for us, and our plumber to get started!  I open the house they get going and I take all of my {before} pictures and then get painting!

There is so much to do and I am so very excited to see our dreams take shape! 

Have a fantastic weekend!



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