Thursday, June 6, 2013

I like to move it, move it!

I like to move it, move it,
She likes to move it, move it,
He likes to move it, move it,
You like to ("move it!")

If you've ever seen the movie Madagascar you just heard that song being sung in your head by a bunch of lemur looking things and its probably still playing... haha I know it is in mine!  I do like to move it - on the dance floor, while cleaning the house, during a workout, but right now we are in the middle of actually moving it.  As in, the contents of our house.  And oooh MY is there alot to move.

I have moved alot.  In total counting childhood - at least 20 times but probably more.  I'm an expert at packing and when it comes to moving decision making.  What stays and what goes are things that need to be decided in a minute.  No himming, no hawing - just cold hard keep, toss or donate.  Packing and un-packing come easily to me but I'm aware of how much time it takes to pack up a house.  There is an order, a rythm you need to hit.  I have had the gift of time for this move.  Six weeks to pack up is now down to four...  er two and a half yeah make that 1.  I kinda figured this would happen - I mean how easy is it to tell yourself "oh pfft you have 6 SIX whole weeks to pack... take your time, put your feet up." Yeah no.  It dwindles pretty quick.  Add in two people who work full time with already busy after hours schedules and you've got a recipe for an un-packed house.  

Also, someone should really mention to the hubby that unpacking boxes AFTER they've been packed IS NOT helpful in any way.  The fact that you wanted to watch a movie that was already in a box and it wasn't in the first four you opened (and partially emptied!!!!!!) does not factor in for me.  The other day, I walked in to find my tediously packed boxes UNDONE.  So I left them for a week.  Stewn about, open, haphazard.  After a week I could tell it was grating on him.  This morning he stepped on a toy firetruck (cleverly hidden by Paige in between two boxes) on his way out the door and I finally found it in my heart to fix what he had undone.  I re-packed, re-sealed and re-stacked the boxes and cleaned up the new things Paige had decided to 'pack' in them.  No, baby shoes and DVD's do not go in the same box but at least she's trying - haha.

This weekend will be awesome, difficult, exhausting and fulfilling.  Awesome because of the quantity of work we will be able to get done.  Difficult because the only reason we'll be so productive is that my baby is going away for the weekend to the lake with grama and papa.  Without me.  3 hours away in a different province.  For 2 nights.  My rational brain knows she'll have an awesome time and everything will be fine but my inner mommy-bear is clawing at rational-mom and lunging against the harness of letting go.  Letting go of our children at the right times is just as important as holding them close but that's a topic for another post.  Our weekend will be exhausting because it will be alot of physical labor, moving things, cleaning, organizing, packing - and fulfilling because by Sunday we want to be 95% done.  Only the bare necessesities should be out and we should have boxes at the ready for them to be put into. (Are you singing the Bear necessities song from The Jungle Book?  I know I am.) 

Also today is Friday for me, I have tomorrow off and it is booked up!  We have a doctors appointment, lunch and then I drop Paige off for her big trip! BIG smiles and after she's gone I can be sad for a minute but not for long because I have a coffee date.  Then appointments in the afternoon, a trip to Winnipeg, dinner, shopping (for house stuff) annnd home to pack, pack, pack everything!

I'll let you know and I'll do my darndest to take pictures of the process, good, bad and OF COURSE ugly. 



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