Friday, May 3, 2013

The sky is blue and it is a good day

I don't really have much to post.  There is a lot of bad in the world.  I believe there is also a lot of good.  One good thing in the world is my husband.  I mostly refer to him here as 'hubby' or 'C' but anyone who knows me in real life knows him.  Here's a friday fun tribute to my other half.

Oh my husband
It's you and me
We met so young
It was hard for others to see
That we were meant for each other
Me for you, and you for me

You bring me down to earth
When I'm floating in a worried sky
You take the cotton out of the vitamins
And turn the lids off the pickle jars

You make mondays fun
And sweatpants classy
Even though I know
It's not the dog who's gassy

You may not always be listening
When Sid's on the TV
But our date nights
Are great nights

No matter where we are
So long as its you and me

It may not be the best piece of poetry ever written but it 'good enough for the girls I go with' ;)

Have a wonderful weekend everyone!



photo credit A Marie Photography

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