Saturday, May 4, 2013

Stars align

Sometimes the stars align so that something awful happens.  It sucks and it hurts when tragedy strikes down with its iron fist.  It makes us question our lives and how we live.  It makes us realize that you really never know. 

For a fire fighter wife such as myself - we know this.  I know that at any time, anywhere if hubby's pager goes off - he leaves.  It could be a nothing call.  It could be a call that will haunt his dreams and turn him quiet for weeks.  It could fall somewhere in the middle. 

Every once in awhile life smacks you in the face.  Events that come to pass turn your gaze solemn and your heart sad.  Events that even though you may not be directly connected, you weep for the ones who are.  You ache for their loss.  Your dreams are filled with role reversals.  You want to help.  But no amount of help you can give can ever make your fellow fire family whole again. 

I have no answers.  I have only prayers.  Prayers for peace for their minds, sleep for their bodies, and strength for their souls.  Please join me.  One more reason I love small towns, is the power a community has when it comes together to help a family struck by the unthinkable.  Please pray and help someone today.     

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