Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Improptu getaway

This past weekend was a busy one - I could've used another day just to rest up - or accomplish something at home. 

Friday after work Paige, my mom and I went to my Granny's farm for a visit.  It is about a 40 minute drive but we love it there!  Paige l-o-v-e-s animals but especially the big ones.  "I go see the cows mommy! I neeeeed ta go see the cows!" As soon as she'd given out her hugs to Granny and Grandpa we were off to see the animals. 

First stop was the chicks - but they're not so yellow and fluffy any more.  They're starting to be more like chickens so we didn't stop there for long.  Next up was the cow.  I'll explain a little here - my grandparents have lots of cows however they recently bought one that they intend to use as a milk cow - however she did not have a very good home previously so they are fattening her up and letting her settle into her new life before they let her be bred.  She is in the main barn yard area sperated from the other cows, horses and sheep by panels and fences.  I called and called for her to come over but no such luck.  She's still a little wary of people but she's warming up.  Paige however, must have intrigued her.  (shes unnamed as of yet but they're working on it fow now lets call her Bessie)  Paige reached out and touched her nose - just a bit - but I think Paige must've smelled sweet.  She usually does, sweet and sticky.  Thereafter Bessie followed Paige.  Grandpa took Paige to see Mrs.Potts' kittens.  There are 4 and oh my are they cute! There is a black tabby, a cream, an orange with faint stripes and a regular tabby.  Paige was so sweet with them.  When we got up to leave Grandpa opened the barn doors and there was Bessie waiting for Paige.  We saw the horses, sheep, and laying hens and everywhere we went Bessie was not far away.  Paige even gathered eggs for the very first time!!

It was a really special moment to see her performing a task with Grandpa's gentle instruction much the same way I was taught some 20 + years ago.  We went in for supper and had some good old fashioned mennonite fare.  Rollkuchen with watermelon, saskatoon sauce and rhubarb sauce.  As well as home made farmer sausage and Warshbobbit.  <-- spelt wrong FOR SURE but that is how you say it.  It's basically a caserole dish with farmer sausage on the bottom and a biscuit dough on top.  (not my thing but I had my rollkuchen (Rawl - cuke - en ) and watermelon.  We ate until we were stuffed, un-button your pants, take off your belt full - then Granny, Mom and I played scrabble while Paige and Grandpa built block towers.  It was lovely.  A perfect evening.

The next morning Hubby had a breakfast meeting and we decided we were going to go to the lake.  I packed up an over night bag for each of us and when he got home we started our 3 hour drive to Lac Lu.  By the time we reached Homewood (15 minutes in) we realized we had forgotton Paige's soother.  *great*  Neither of us wanted to turn around so we kept on going.  By Brunkild we had decided a pit stop at Kenaston Walmart was in order.  My lap top wasn't working to play the DVD's we had brought and Paige was already not digging this whole 'drive for a really long time' thing.   We bought road-trip gold there.  A portable DVD player that just plugs into the car.  Perfect.  No dying battery problems.  Also we did buy .. MORE soothers.  Something I swore I wouldn't do.  Ah well - what is parenting if not figuring out you were wrong? Right? ugh.

The road trip continued.  We were a little past Winnipeg when we saw smoke - lots of smoke.  We discussed what we thought it could be but as we got closer it was pretty clear that it was a car accident of some kind.  For anyone who doesn't know my Hubby is a fire fighter.  We are a fire family.  This was the worst part of the whole weekend because sometimes?  Human kind sickens me.  We are stopped because clearly there is an accident.  People got out of their cars to get a better look.   Please forgive me if you've ever done this.  But DON'T DO THIS.  People are letting their kids out of the car walking up closer to the scene.  I'm sorry.  This is not a road-side attraction - it is a tragedy.  You don't need to know whats happening because it does not concern you.  I was so angry.  My Hubby, bless his heart - wasn't, he sighed and told me there is no point getting angry.  That is just how people are.  Nosey.  A vehicle, possibly two are on fire - and you want your children to see this??? Why?  You are watching the worst day of someone's life and possibly the last.  (not in this case thank goodness everyone was ok!  http://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/manitoba/story/2013/05/25/mb-rv-fire-highway-one.html )

 Put yourself in that car.  Do you want 20 strangers staring at you while emergency crews try to save you, your family, and your vehicle?  No matter if it was an accident in which everyone survived and is fine or much worse - it is not something you want your kids to see.  Be a decent human being and don't leave your vehicle if there is information that you need to know - an officer will come and tell you at your window.  Sorry for the rant - but this is a very tender issue for me.  I'll just get down off my soap box now...

We got turned around and followed the traffic.  I texted Hubby's family and we decided to try and use back roads to drive around the accident.  An extra hour and a half and we were kind of back where we started... actually a little farther away but we saw lots of scenery including LOADS of Paige's favourite - COWS!  And honestly?  It was fun to be on an adventure with Hubby.  We didn't have a clue where we were but we both just enjoyed the ride and soaked up the Disney songs playing in the background. (haha)

  We left our house at 9:00 am and arrived at the lake around 2:00 pm.  It was a long haul!  We did finally get there and had a good time seeing everyone and getting caught up.  Paige made her rounds and got lots of treats and attention!  We had a good visit and I'm so glad we went.  We both seem to just unwind when we get there.  We arrived home Sunday afternoon and spent the afternoon puttering around.  All in all it was a great weekend - a play on the farm, a road trip, an adventure, some R & R and lots of family time!

How was your weekend??



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