Monday, April 29, 2013

Spring fever


I picked Paige up from day care on Friday with a raging fever.  She was hot, weepy, clingy and wimpering.  Oh the humanity!  It broke my durn heart!  She is not like that - ever - unless she is sick.  We went home and she fell asleep on our bed almost immediately.  Fast forward to 9 pm and she woke up and told us she was hungry.  That sounded reasonable she hadn't eaten since snack time at day care and even then didn't eat much.  She downed 2 yogurt tubes and a cheese string.  I asked hubby if he thought I should get a barf pail ready - he said oh no she isn't 'that kind' of sick.  This is just a fever not a flu.  Oh ok. 20 minutes later Paige wimpers and pukes all over the couch, floor and herself.  Chad ran {yes ran} upstairs to start a bath for Paige only because the sight of puke nevermind the smell of it is enough to make him ralph,  Yes the big tough firefighter who can handle all kinds of other things can not do toddler barf.

We got her cleaned up and put back to bed - pumped a little gravol in her and called it a night.  The hubby was at the fire hall for most of Saturday - Paige was still hot Saturday morning and we had lots of cuddles and a big nap right after lunch time. 

After she woke up she seemed to be a new kid!  Full of energy and happy as a lark.  I continued to spike her apple juice with gravol for the rest of Saturday just to be sure but man it was a crazy turn around! She wanted to play and go outside - so we did!  After supper the hubby and I took her for a ride in her wagon to the play ground where we played on the play structure and went down the slide over and over!  I'm not sure if Paige or her Daddy had more fun though... At any rate it was a great time!  We went back home and had a quiet evening. 

Sunday we went for brunch with the hubby's brother and girl friend whom Paige calls 'auntie nin and auntie nathan' even though nathan is definitely of the 'uncle' variety.  It was very nice!  Great service, a DELISH buffet and unbeatable company!  I mean lemon pie with my breakfast?  Yes please! {good thing it's only something we do once in awhile!!}  Later Paige had a play date with Auntie N & N while I did went for a work out.  {that pie was so worth it}  They played on the swings, the slide and we all had an improptu snowball fight in the back yard! All in all a very successful weekend.   

Hope your weekend was great!


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