Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Bitter Bickering

Lately I'm wondering if I'm filling in for Paige not having a sibling.  The bickering that we've been doing is unreal!  This past weekend she climbed up on top of our dresser and started rifling through my jewlery box.  She was trying to snitch pieces without me noticing!?! Seriously?

I took her down and told her that no we don't climb on dressers and we certainly don't steal.  That is Mommy's jewlery not Paige's.  She looked furious and tried to argue with me but in the end Mom's word is the final say... or so I thought.

This morning Paige was already dressed for daycare and I was getting ready for work.  I had decided on grey dress pants, a plain white shirt and a navy blue blazer.  I was feeling like it was a bit plain so I added an oversized vintage ring (from my Oma) and a chunky turquoise bracelet that my Mom brought me back from Mexico.  Perfect.  Just the right amount of accessory.  Until Paige saw me.  She screeched and pointed to my arm.

"That's MY bracelet!"
"Uh no.  It's mine, Paige."
"Paige.. It's Mommy's bracelet.  I'm wearing it to work you can't have it"
"No you don't need it.  It's Mommy's and I'm wearing it to work."

I didn't ever have a sister but I'm given to understand there's a lot of bickering back and forth about who owns what.  I just didn't anticipate having a daughter would make me have to guard my possesions.  Antics like that warrant a phone call to Nana.  I called her and she laughed like crazy at the story.  As I was telling it to her something popped into my head.  A few weeks ago, in a moment of weakness, I had let Paige play with some of my bigger (read sturdier) jewlery pieces.  Including - the turquoise bracelet.  Paige had looked up at me and asked, "I have it?" to which I replied "One day when Mommy dies you can have it."  Paige smiled excitedly "Otay!"

{This might seems weird to a lot of you and for that I apologize but death was never a taboo subject in the home where I grew up.  It wasn't something that was feared or avoided just accepted as part of life.  In fact one rainy day of summer holidays the 7 grand children and my Granny had been discussing at length what would happen to Granny and Grandpa's stuff when they died.  Granny explained a bit about wills and estates when one of my cousins piped up "unless you have your name on it then it's yours right??" Granny tiring of our incessant questions said "you betcha" and gave us all pens to go write our names on the bottom of her furniture}

I guess when I tell Paige something is hers she doesn't care much for timelines.  It's not hers 'yet' but it WILL be and when you're 2 I guess that is all that counts.  I'll have to choose my words a little more carefully in the future and until then - ask permission to wear the turquiose bracelet.



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