Monday, April 8, 2013

Almost only counts in horseshoes and hand grenades

So close my friends.  So very close.

But all is not lost.

We {almost} got a puppy on the weekend.  How does one almost get a puppy?  Let me tell you.
I have been begging.  Yes, begging, for a 'running buddy' for some time now.  Here's some backstory for you...

A lifetime ago Chad and I were a couple of 18 year olds who thought they knew everything.  {Don't all 18 year olds??} We had my Diva dog living with us (an 8lb 3 year old pouf of white fuzz) and decided she needed a friend so we rushed out and bought a 4 month old boxer puppy.  He was sweet oh was he sweet and the two of us were very much in love.  He was also crazy, pyschotic, and FULL of energy! He kept us laughing and scowling almost simaltaneously.  (Ah puppies...) We raised him as best we could (lots of mistakes that we made were out of youthful arrogance and stupidity) and loved him to pieces.  Never one day did we regret getting that dog.  We lost him almost as suddenly as we got him.  Through a random and fast acting seizure disorder at the young age of not quite 3 he was humanely put to sleep to spare his ravaged body and mind any more torment.  Never have I wept so hard in my life.  Never have I seen my dear husband so distraught.  Even Divadog was depressed.  We were also pregnant at the time and knew that it was not a good time for a puppy.  We were still young but we had grown up alot in those 3 years.  We knew enough to know better.  Needless to say Chad and I have a very special place in our hearts for the smooshy face of a boxer but never again will I buy a dog.  I learned a hard lesson 'Adopt, don't shop!' 

On Friday a friend of mine shared a Winnipeg Animal Service's photo on facebook a smooshy faced mutt who obviously had a lot of boxer in him.  I 'liked' it and commented 'ouch my heart hurts! What a sweetie!'  Chad texted me and said I'd almost let you get him... I was instantly excited and we texted back and forth for a bit.  I figured he was joking but in the back of my mind always hope he's serious! One of those hopefully pessimistic moments.  Haha~ We talked and dicussed all of the pros and the cons.  Talked about why I even want a puppy in the first place and after much consideration he said oh okay.  Go get him.  He wasn't able to come with to the pound but Mom, Paige, Diva and I all loaded up in the car to go meet and greet him.  He had to be Paige approved first.  We got there at 12:01 and the shelter only opened at noon.  But already there were two other people waiting to see 'Winston'.  I was disappointed but felt the need to stay and see it through.  Sure enough that wrinkly face won over the people who were first in line.  And as it is not an ideal time for us to get a dog Chad and I had said if for some reason this dog doesn't work out we will just wait until we've moved and are settled in the new place to get a running buddy for me. 

It was exciting and dissappointing and all kinds of things.  But as usual if you look you can see a positive.  The positive here is that the hubby found in his heart of hearts that he is ok with me {eventually} getting a puppy.  I took his points into consideration and in turn he took mine.  He said yes when he could've said no and its important that I do the same for him when I can.  One day when the time is right we will start our search for a new family member.  Until then almost was good enough for me, right now.  Good luck in your new home Winston! And to the {possibly unborn} puppy that will one day be mine - have faith I'm 'a commin for ya!



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