Monday, March 4, 2013

where did that week go?

Please forgive me!

Who knew a week could fly by in the blink of an eye?!

... everyone?  oh.  well then.

Last week was one of the busiest EVER.  Okay I may be exaggerating.  But seriously it was busy.  Work was nuts - think short or non existent lunch breaks (on which to run ALL of your errands thanks to neverletsgoincrediblyclingytoddler syndrome) no coffee breaks (on which you usually eat your lunch) and going to home to non stop evening activities.  I was out of time in every way I could think of.  Then if I did get 45 seconds to myself I would usually sleep or zone out while staring at the wall.  Monday through Friday it was like I was running a marathon that wasn't ending any time soon - however the hubby and I rescheduled our missed anniversary date for this past Friday.  Let me tell you how it went down.

"The Plan" - 5:30 get off work book it to day care pick up Paige
                   6:00 (ha!) get home leave the car running Chad runs out to the car while I change my clothes and put on make-up.
                   6:10 Leave the house
                   6:30 Drop Paige off at my parents house on the way to the city.
                   7:15 Get a table right away at Moxies order all food to come out at the same time.  Perhaps even describing our dilemma to the wait staff. (the movie we wanted to see only had one showing 8:15)
                   7:15 - 8:00 Enjoy a lovely dinner, pay the bill, leave to go to the movie theatre
                   8:15 Watch movie

"What actually happened"

I left work 10 minutes late - Paige dawdled at day care.  When we pulled up to the house Paige told me she needed to pee.  Soo I hauled her out of the car and into the house.  The hubby started asking me where a specific shirt was.  He wanted to wear that shirt.   Apparently none other would do.  The thing is the shirt he was describing I don't ever remember seeing.  I do all the laundry so this seems unlikely.  I had no idea he settled on a different shirt but not after much hunting done by yours truly.  Paige peed and then started playing and didn't want to get dressed in her jacket again.  Daddy convinced her that to go see Nanapapa she had to put it on.  Then I quickly changed - and changed again and we were on our way!  We dropped Paige off and looked at the clock - it was going to be cutting it awfully close.  We did get into the city for 7:15 but decided that there was no way on earth that we would be seated and fed and pay in 45 minutes at Moxies so I reluctantly agreed to go to Boston Pizza instead.  Nothing against BP's just that it doesn't qualify as a really nice dinner.  I also hate competing for my hubby's attention with TV's playing sports in every corner - but it was still guaranteed to be good food and a nice time.  Off we went. 

Reality.  It's 7:15 on a Friday night.  25 minute wait.  URGH Would you like to sit in the lounge?  They helpfully offer.  I. Hate. Lounges.  At the risk of making me sound like an old biddy - they are too loud and too busy.  I like to be able to enjoy my supper but we really, really wanted to see this movie.  Into the lounge we went.  No tables. shizah. What now?  Walking outside the restaurant - the hubby looks at me.  We start walking to the car

him "well what should we do?"
me "I dunno dear - do you just want to eat after the movie is over?"
him "sure"
me "but... dear you don't even like eating at 7 you think its too late you really think you'll be able to wait until 11 or midnight to eat supper?"
him "... yeeaah... I don't know"

We get into the car and start to drive.

him "do you just want to stop somewhere"
me "like where" *grimace*
him "I dunno"
me (joking)"there's a booster juice *pointing in the direction of a strip mall*
him "and a little cesars"
me "do you want to get little cesars (hot 'n' ready) pizza?"
him "I dunno is that ok"
me laughing "sure whatever lets just do that and then we'll make the movie on time"

So yes.  We seriously celebrated our 4th year of marriage with a $8.50 little cesar's hot'n'ready pizza.  That we ate in our car - in the movie theatre parking lot.  Followed by watching the movie 'Zero dark thirty' whilst eating an abundance of movie popcorn and soft serve frozen yogurt.  And you know what?  It was the best date ever. 

We laughed and joked and planned out what we'll do when our lottery ticket cashes in and wins us a cool $60M.  We comiserated over the *delightful* pizza.  We discussed and dissected the movie we watched.  Until Friday the Hubby and I had never seen a movie together in a theatre and we had a such a good time I don't think we will wait 4 years before we do it again.



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