Thursday, March 21, 2013

Smater than I

This past weekend was a busy one!  The hubby and I had some fun filled adventures at our friend's social.  Hubby's parents got to babysit Paiger over night - so naturally she was totally and completly spoiled and forgot ever manner she's ever learned.  Then unfortunately on Sunday poor piglet started to feel sick. 

She was coughing and just not herself so it was early to bed (even though Nana was having a visit with us!) In the wee hours of Monday morning she puked in her sleep getting it all over herself, her hair everything.  You can't wipe anything out of hair especially not throw-up.  What does every kid want after throwing up? To be cuddled so cuddle I did, and in the process was covered in barf.  Into the tub she went - though she wasn't entirely happy about the arrangement.  After a couple minute of waking up she was splashing about and even chatting.

Paige,"Mommy I have my fishy?" I was too tired, lazy call it what you will to go find it seeing as there was already a dolphin toy floating by my hand. 
Me, "Sure baby here you go" (handing her said dolphin) Paige glared at me and said,"That NOT a fishy, that a dolphin mommy."

Oh geez.  Even sick and half awake the kid is correcting me.

Happy Thursday!



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