Thursday, March 14, 2013


I am very sorry for my abundance of neglect towards my blog!  I haven't been too busy, I haven't been ignoring you I just can't seem to finish a post.  I get started and then trail off and nothing sounds concrete.  At one point last week I had 6 draft posts! SIX! That's alot of uncertainty.  I tried to write about our snowstorm.. but didn't really have anything to say that 100 other people hadn't already said.  There was alot of snow, the roads were really bad, it was a pain in the butt for the town to clean up.  My mom even stayed with us for a couple days so she could get to work and back without having to drive 20 minutes!  It was nice to have her around and be able to pamper her a little (as much as is possible with a 2 year old). 

I guess it was hard for me to start and finish a blog post because I've had alot of dis jointed things going on.  Nothing really went together but any one topic wasn't really enough to write a whole post about - ya know? 

Maybe you don't.  Either way I think its just a hurdle I have to awkwardly hop over.  So without further adue welcome to the awkward jump-y blog post! 

No progress on the house selling/buying.  Just waiting for a buyer to come along and have the sale go through!  Once that happens we will know more about how the next few months will play out.  The hubby is getting antsy and I just keep saying 'if it's not happening this minute there is a reason behind it even if we don't know what it is'  I think he's tired of hearing that answer but it's all I have. 

Paige is CRAZY.  She is adorable, smart, funny, bossy, and a million other things but also a touch crazy.  Lately she is SUPER fussy and also incredibly infuriating.  Here are a few of the shenanigans that she's been into the past while.

The 5am snack incident
The evening before we had a nice supper that I had lovingly prepared and served.  Paige ate 3 bites and declared she was not eating that and was all done.  I said ok.  Later she was hungry (surprise, surprise) and I offered her the supper she had declined to eat.  "Oh no! I no eat that" Well then.  You aren't really hungry are you?  (it wasn't a gross supper either a very common one we've had 100 times) Before bed she got a little snack and then the fight to get her to go to sleep (usual) was on.  Once asleep I moved her to her bed and left to go to my own bed.  3 am a very small person shoves my sleeping self with a mumble from behind the soother "move mommy I sleep here now"  I crumple into my usual I-have-no-room-in-my-own-bed pose which requires me to make myself smaller than I actually am to fit inbetween the hubby and the takes-up-as-much-room-as-a-full-grown-man toddler.  Fine. Whatever.  This I can deal with I do most nights. 

5 am: Paige pokes my face and says "mommy I hungry eat" me "no" Paige "Yes mommy I want snack now" me "no" Paige cries and demands again "mommy now I eat move" me (tired and grumpy as its 5 am and I don't remember the last time I slept without being interrupted several times) "may I suggest you eat your supper when I put it in front of you and then you won't be hungry at 5 am"

note: If you don't know already I'll fill you in - when Paige gets mad she does a thing I call the "mad puke" she isn't sick, she isn't hungry, she is just pissed off that I'm not doing as she's instructed so she makes herself throw up.  We are anxiously awaiting her to outgrow this.

Paige cries and Mad pukes on my pillow and herself.  Great. Me "Paige you brat get out of here go to your room!" Paige continues to wail and makes her way out of the bed then mad pukes again on the carpet in our room.  Fantastic. I pick her up put her in her room (hard floor) and chuck my soiled pillow onto the floor in her room as well.  Paige (tears stop instantly) "Look mommy! You puked on your pillow!" Me: "No I did NOT puke on my pillow YOU did."  Paige: (grins) "Oh yeah I did."  Me: "Paige you aren't sick are you?" Paige (shaking her head no and grinning ear to ear) "Nope." 
You'd think the story is over here wouldn't you?  But its not.  Not even close.

I pick Paige up and take her downstairs I change her pajamas.  Me: "Paige are you hungry?" Paige: "Yes, me have peanut butter toast" Me: "alright." I go make her a peanut butter toast sandwich and bring it to her with a glass of milk.  I set it in front of her.  Me: "Here you go Paige, peanut butter toast just like you asked for." Paige: "I no eat that.  Me want applesauce"  Me: "Oh no.  You are NOT getting applesace after all this you can eat that and if you don't want that you aren't hungry." Paige: "Ok" gets off her chair and goes to play with toys. 

This my dear friends is just a small sample of the ridiculous-ness that this child throws at me every day.  Don't get me wrong lots of the time she is saying hilarious, heart warming stuff in place of the UN-heard-OF sassiness (Sassy-ness?)   I'm not sure where she gets it from but when I say that family and friends have a tendency to choke and snort and laugh so I'm guessing they want to blame me?  Buttt there is NO way on EARTH I was this bad this early.  She's not even two yet people!! NOT EVEN TWO! 

Tell me is being fussy about food a toddler phase? PLEASE tell me she'll outgrow it!



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