Saturday, March 23, 2013

Family - what would we do without them?

Disclaimer - If you have a weak stomache maybe try one of my other posts from this week... this one deals with a great deal of bodily fluids.

I don't really know and I  hope I never have to.  This weekend is a family weekend.  Both of my brothers, sister in law and cousin all came out for some good ol' family fun.  Last night was great.  My Dad built a ginormous (totally a word) bar in their rec room and almost every Friday night they have 'bar supper' appatizers, drinks, munchie foods.  We had that last night plus Dad pumped up the oldies and Paige danced like crazy and of course, how do you not dance with an adorable 2 year old when she asks you?? It's a must!  We all danced and ate and talked and laughed the night away.  About 1 am I said well guys I gotta work tomorrow at 8 am so I better hit the hay.  Not a moment later came a shout from the bedroom where Paige and Auntie Shu were sleeping. 

"Mommy I puked"

Uh oh.  I was hoping maybe she just coughed up some phlem she couldn't quite get out and it triggered her gag reflex.  It's happened before and so I went and cleaned her up changed her pajamas, took the blanket (only the one thank goodness!) off the bed and that was - what I thought was - the end of the mess.  So I cuddled her and Uncle H cheered her up and we went upstairs to go to bed. 

"I wanna watch monkey" (meaning Curious George)
"Ok baby" I turned on netflix and chose her movie not a couple minutes into it she did the 'pre barf whimper' its a heart breaking sound so I, being totally unprepared, stuck out my hands to catch it.  Yeah.  That's love people.  I hollered for my brother to grab me a container but being a man he needed more specific instructions - "Which one??" he hollered back clearly flustered by Paige's plight.  Ohnevermind - you'd be amazed at how water tight you can make your hands when the situation calls for it.  I managed to get to the toilet and dump the contents then wash my hands vigourously while shouting back to my brother "It doesn't matter its a barf bucket!!" Paige and I would lay down and cuddle while watching her movie in between bouts of getting sick.  By 4 or 5 all the food was gone and it was just bile coming up.  Nothing I've experienced is worse than watching your baby dry heave so hard she can't breathe.  The worst part?  I still had to work in the morning.  I felt horrible for not being able to stay with her.  I did manage to get her asleep before I left - it just makes it easier on her.  Dad has already come and picked up her gravol, advil, popsicles and juice boxes and Mom is cuddling with her while they watch Fern Gully. 

My heart is aching and oddly I'm not tired even though I got 1 hour of sleep last night.  I just want to hold my baby.  However I am so incredibly grateful that my Mom and family is there to hold her and cheer her up any way they can until I can come back to her. 

Thank God for family. 



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