Tuesday, February 5, 2013


Since Saturday I feel like I've been caught in a tornado of events, decisions and chaos.  Good chaos mind you, but oh my word and I exhausted.  Also I should mention the tornado dropped me off at work but then I got sucked up into a different tornado with a whole new set of complications and demands.

Saturday:  The hubby, Paige and I went house shopping.  Yes, you read that right.  We took our 21 month old with us to look at houses.  What was I thinking you ask?  Not sure on that one I'll have to get back to you.  She did pretty well.  House #1 was kind of a no go from the beginning.  It had some of the features we wanted but alot of issues we didn't want to deal with.  While walking around Paige was doing her own exploring.  She brought me a container of goldfish crackers - "Mommy! Fishies! I want fishies!"  "uh Paige those aren't ours, you can't eat those."  I take them away - so she bawls I put them down awkwardly, because I really have no idea where the little rugrat picked them up from.  Sorry home owners I swear I didn't let her eat them.  House #2 was ok, lots of good things, way over budget, lots of cons as well.  House #3 - our realtor did right he definitely saved the best for last.  It's not perfect but its pretty close.  Paige was already pretty sick of this whole business by the time we got to #3 so we are going back to take a more thorough look at it. 

Then we went home had lunch, put Paige down for a nap.  I cleaned the house and went up town to see my lender and get his take on the house, crunch the numbers etc.  By that time Paige was waking up (she and hubs were at home) I stopped at our one multi purpose store and picked up a birthday present for the party Paige and I were scheduled to attend.  Then I went home and got Paige dressed and ready to go we left and had a great time at her little friend N's birthday party!  She did so well with giving him the present and even saying 'Happy Birthday' to him!  It was too cute!  There were also lots of other kids there for her to play with, which she likes.  Paige is very social but she does have, like any of us, a couple of quirks.  See the thing is Paige is fine with giving her grandparents or her mom or her dad a hug.  She even does it willingly, sometimes.  As a rule, she does not like it when other children hug her.  It is just her personality I think.  She will tolerate it to a point her other little friend J is a big hugger and Paige will only put up with it for so long.  So at this party there was a little girl who really took a shine to Paige.  (which I think is so adorable! impartially of course) Followed Paige around wanted to play with her - and she did.  She also liked to hug Paige - you see where this is going?  When P reached her 'hug tolerance' quota she turned around and said very sternly "NO more HUGS" The little girls mom was apologizing to me and telling her no, no lets not do that I don't think Paige wants any more hugs but kids are kids.  I said as much to the little girl's mom.  No need to apologize I said it always kind of makes me sad to see all these warm, hugging little children and then there's mine who may as well be wearing body armour for how outwardly loving she is.  I say outwardly because she is a very loving child.  She showers affection on animals and toys (dollies etc) she just doesn't do that with kids her own age.  I don't really know why.  I'm sure it's my fault in some way or another sigh.. 

Next on our agenda was a long over-due hang out with Auntie Nin (as Paige likes to call her) We went home had supper and then scooted off again to see our dear nin.  I love it when Paige gets as much enjoyment as I do out of something so it was definitely a win-win.  We hung out with her until bed time then went home, put on Pj's and got ready for another day. 

Sunday dawned bright and early and I had every intention of getting up early and reading or washing floors or doing laundry or stroking off whatever else was on my list to-do.  Instead I snoozed it.  Or rather turned the alarm right off and cuddled in a little deeper.  We did get up a little early though because Paige and I had a date.  We met my mom for breakfast at our local golf course restaurant.  Paige ate the breakfast I ordered for myself and I ate the breakfast I ordered for her.  Toddlers are funny that way.  A good rule to follow order something you like for your toddler - you'll probably wind up eating it anyway.  Then Mom and I took Paige to her first church service.  I feel a little embarrassed typing that.  She is almost two we should've done this earlier.  It was good nonetheless.  She behaved in normal toddler fashion but a little less so and almost fell asleep during parts of it.  My church has no sunday school so it is a bit difficult to keep a 2 y o quietly occupied for 60 minutes but we accomplished it and even spoke to the priest after the service about baptism.  But that is a-whole-nother topic for a-whole-nother day.  We arrived home and it was lunch and nap time so I put Paige down for her nap and got busy making the meal plan for the week and the accompanying grocery list.  Then I got dressed in mom clothes and headed off to the city.  (I've had one too many experiences with buying rotten or expired food at our local grocers and plus I save TONS of money shopping an hour away) But it all takes time.

Another big thing that happened this weekend is the hubs and I decided to list our house - yep its on the market as of tomorrow.  Lots to do to prepare - it's going to be a busy and exciting time in our lives.  Do you feel rushed yet?  :) I haven't had a weekend that busy in a very long time but I think there are many more like it in my immediate future.  I'll keep ya'll updated on the big (and the small) things happening in our lives.



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