Friday, February 22, 2013

Time flies

It dawned bright and unseasonably warm.  We awoke anxious and excited.  The day was a rush and bustle of this and that.  Setting up, cleaning up, making everything just so.  Picking up the flowers, a few last minute adjustments to the dress.  Then the guests arrived.  All 7 of them. 

What is she talking about??

My wedding dear readers!  4 years ago today I married my best friend and my pillar.  Our wedding, if we can call it that, was very simple.  We were both very young, he was 20 and I 19, thus our friends (and wedding party) were the same ages as us - no wedding experience whatsoever.  Not their faults - none of our friends were married, none had even been a part of a wedding party before which created some difficulties.  There was still some post high school drama feelings in the air and we were having difficulty with planning the wedding - I thought I would enjoy it - not the case.  As it turns out I rather dislike weddings.  I don't mind attending them - and even that is reserved for family and very close friends only - but I certainly don't like planning them.  I won't get into the details but we decided it would be better for everybody if we eloped.  Our original wedding date was to be July 25 2009 (one of the biggest obstacles is that my workplace wouldn't let me have holidays at that time because I didn't have enough seniority) so we figured that if we eloped (we decided on this plan in the middle of January) it would have to be at least 6 months before the wedding so as to make sure nobody had booked flights etc.  We didn't want anybody to be put out by our choice. 

So we called around to find a JOP (Justice of the Peace) to perform the ceremony in our living room and after a couple of rejections (initially even our parents weren't going to be present) we decided to include them and had a family friend (who happened to be a JOP) write our vows and perform the ceremony.  Our vows were beautiful and in attnedance was our parents, one witness each (we picked a couple that we knew and are friends with who whole heartedly supported eloping) and the JOP.  9 people in all including us.  We had a nice little ceremony and after that was over we took some pictures made alot of phone calls to shocked friends and family then headed over to my parents house where our brothers (chad has 2 who were both still living at home at the time and I have 3 only one of whom was able to be there) joined us for supper at my parents house.  My mom cooked up a feast worthy of the word 'feast' and even made us a beautiful wedding cake.  (That my hubby later smeared on my face - whatajerk! I fed him his all nicey-nice)  

It didn't take long for rumours to start in our small town that we eloped because *gasp* she simply must be pregnant!  Alas what a disappointment for the gossips of our town when there was no baby to be had 9 (or 8 lol!) months later! 

And now 4 years later - our (almost) 2 year old keeps us running!  We have learned a ton about each other and our relationship has grown tremendously.  That saying, Nothing worth having comes easily definitely applies to the first year of marriage!  It's a learning curve for both people and life has a way of throwing in complications at the most inconvenient times.  We have come through it all and are a stronger, happier couple for it! 

We did have big plans tonight - a movie and supper out at a nice restaurant but my hubby has just emailed me to tell me that he most definitely has a flu bug and is likely going home sick from work - so there goes that.  But we will still have a nice evening - soup instead of steak, blankets instead of dress-y clothes and tea instead of wine, a movie in instead of out and I may or may not go out and buy a hazmat suit - cause all I know is I don't want whatever he has!!  Unromantic to some, perhaps, but the restaurants and movie theatres aren't going anywhere. 



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