Thursday, February 7, 2013


Well it is official.  At some point today our house, our home, the place we brought our baby home to during her very first week in this world will have an MLS number.  Meaning?  It's for sale.  Our realtor Terry Dyck will be there at some point today to take pictures and measure rooms - and get this!  He is bringing someone with him to look at it!  GAH!  The hubs and I are definitely leaning on our faith right now.  Faith that things will work out they way they are supposed to.  If the plans we have decided on and the action we have decided to take doesn't go through we have to believe it is for a reason.  We may not know what that reason is but right now we have to trust that everything will be - well the way it is supposed to be.  In buying and selling houses its all a gamble - a gamble that we have hired someone we trust to guide us through. 

Side note: You know you've hired a dynamite realtor when he reads your child a story because she asks him to!  He takes a genuine interest in what we say and doesn't push - ever.  If you ever need to buy or sell a house call Terry.  He won't let you down.

I took the afternoon off work yesterday to get the house perfect.  I don't know about you but I tend to do what I call the 'stuff shuffle' where you move stuff from surface to surface even though you don't really need it.  That grocery receipt from last June? Yeah, that can probably go in the trash.  Paige's day care notes from the infant room - garbargio.  Stuff like that.  But a whole house worth.  5 years of living worth.  So I sorted and I deep cleaned and I shined everything up like a new penny.  (oh oops I guess there is no such thing anymore new nickle?)  It was way more labour intensive that I imagined - but so worth it.  It looks amazing and I'm kind of kicking myself for not doing this sooner - you know for us.  But isn't that the way it always goes?  I had a funny moment amid all of re-organizing and cleaning.  The door was wide open and I was sorting recycling - I had just finished bleaching a load of dishes and I stopped for a moment when a thought popped into my head. 

It smells like moving day...

Then I just had to laugh - by myself in my kitchen - surrounded by cardboard, milk jugs and tin cans with the labels all peeled off.  Normal people probably don't know what 'moving day' smells like and it certainly doesn't comfort them.  It was a comforting smell though.  A combination of kicked up dust and dirt from behind appliances and bookshelves mixed with soapy bleach water and fresh air.  When I told my mom this on the phone last night she laughed and agreed that most people are probably not comforted by the smell of 'moving day'.  In my lifetime I have moved approximately 22 times.  In my mother's lifetime she has moved far more than that.  As I have been asked or had it assumed - No my dad is not in the military or RCMP or any other occupation that requires moving.  The story behind my dad is even more compelling than our move history.  The reasons behind the moves vary and are a little too personal for the internet right now.  Maybe one day I'll write a book.  The life and times of a crazy family who drama seems to follow.  Hah - its good to have dreams anyway. 

In the end the house was clean and organized - everything that was on my list was crossed off my list and what we have in store for today - Lord only knows.  It's all very exciting and nerve racking and suspensful but we are trying to muddle through with as much patience as we can muster. 



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