Friday, February 8, 2013


Grace is something I'm trying to define for myself.  In one respect it's that little prayer you say before you eat.  As a child my family was one who sat down at the dinner table almost every single night and said grace before we ate.  Ours went like this:

God is great, God is good
Let us thank him, for this food
By his hands, we all are fed
Thank you Lord, for daily bread!

It would always be a kid that said it, whether it was me or one of my two brothers and occasionally as kids do we would mess up part of it and it wouldn't rhyme but it was still grace and the two kids who weren't saying grace would giggle.

But I'm looking for more.  Recently I had a little situation that I was a tad bitter about.  A function that I was excluded from for no reason that I could possibly see.  The more I looked at that particular situation the more confused I became.  It left a sour taste in my mouth.  Mainly because, I didn't know why.  Why is a question that does not always have an answer.  In fact I've found in my short time it is the question that has the fewest answers.  My temper wanted to spit angry words at those who were invited.  To sneer - well I hope you have fun!  I wanted to make them feel guilty for being invited, special, when I was not.  To mournfully wish them well.  I knew in my head that this was not an important issue.  It was not something I even could have attended.  Why the emotions then?  You might ask.  You couldn't go anyway.  I thought this very same thing.  It's the feeling of being important.  The feeling of knowing you matter.  The feeling that you meant something to the person in question.  Something lacking in my own life perhaps but it wasn't the fault of the partygoers. Then it came to me as though it had been whispered in my ear.

Act with grace.  Maintain your composure.

What a thought.  What a concept.  Grace is something that I find so lacking in our society today.  Perhaps if we all handled more things gracefully, there wouldn't be so many issues.  I asked myself - what is grace?  I didn't look it up online, I didn't look it up in the dictionary.  I just sat on that question for a minute.  What is grace to you?

To me I think, grace is maturity and humility.  To act with grace means instead of saying anything to my co-workers who were invited (save all but one whom I did disucuss the issue with at first when I thought I'd been missed accidentally) I acted as though I didn't know about the event in the first place.  This morning when I saw them I didn't ask them how it was and they didn't offer the information to me.  It seems as though it was important to everyone who did attend to not discuss it with those who were not invited. 

It all seems a bit juvenile in hind sight.  I'm glad I didn't say anything.  I do truely hope everyone had a good time and I wish my former collegue all the best in their future endeavours. 

I may have been born a girl but becoming a lady is something else entirely.  All the best to you and yours this weekend.  We have my brother's birthday brunch and a few other things on the agenda this weekend.  I'll be sure to fill you in on Monday with the details!



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