Monday, February 25, 2013

Baking with Nana

We had a low key weekend. Saturday, as the hubby was still sick, Paige and I met our friends J, S and A at the portage pool for some aquatic fun! Paige wasn't sure about it at first she didn't like getting changed in those bathroom stall-like change rooms - but who can blame her? I don't think anyone likes getting changed in those. Once we got out to the pool it was a different story! She loved it! Loved splashing and floating. My brave little girl even jumped in to the deep end! (wearing her life jacket of course) I was surprised that she loved the water slide but oh boy did she! Moms legs got a good workout too thanks to the bazillion stairs I carried her up lol.

Sunday we had a great visit with auntie nin and made a delish breakfast. Then we cleaned up and headed off to Nana and Papas for some more fun and visiting. Check out how much fun we had (it got a bit messy!)

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  1. We sure loved having you here! Always special when our girls come visiting!!