Wednesday, February 20, 2013

A week of a day

Ever had one of those days where by the time you get back home it feels like a week has gone by?  Yesterday was one of those days for me.  A lot has happened since my last post - and I will fill you in on that particular story as soon as I have an ending for it. (or maybe before depending on how long it takes insert angry face here) But back to yesterday.  Tuesday really started on Monday for me with a toddler who was projectiling bodily fluids from both ends.  Luckily not at the same time and also luckily Monday was a holiday (Louis Riel day in Manitoba).  By the end of Monday I figured there was no way she was going to be able to go to daycare on Tuesday.  Normally I text my MIL and she watches Paige for me whenever she's sick however Tuesday's arent great for her and the hubby figured she wouldn't be able to so no point in asking just to make her feel badly.  I texted a couple other friends to see if any of them could take Paige for me.  My amazing friend L said, Of course I can take Paige for you! 

Insert angels singing here.

L has two under 2 right now and her oldest J is just 3 months older than Paige is.  They get along great and actually act like sisters a good deal of the time.  Playing happily - then arguing - then fighting - then hugging - then playing.  It's funny and sort of hilarious to watch.  Tuesday morning, sure enough Paige still wasn't feeling good and I took her to L's.  She settled in and I left for work.  L and I were texting during the day and boy oh boy did P ever have fun.  Lots of fun in the morning.  Then came lunch (which she actually ate yay!) then nap.  Pretty standard.  L asked if she should put P in a playpen and I said no she'd probably sleep better just in your bed so that's what she did.  Sure enough P fell asleep.  What P did in her sleep is another story.  You remember how I said bodily fluids from both ends?  Yeah end #2 allllll over my dear friends bed... At least I hope she's still my friend.  Between the two girls they managed to use up all of J's pants.  They did still have fun because well... L's such a good mom she can shrug off the type of thing that might put most into super-irritable-hate-life mode.  Kids don't make her do that (often) We all visit superirritable land once in awhile.

So Paige's day was going ok.  My day well... I left for my lunch hour - on which I had 4 errands to run.  I went to start my car and this little light blinked at me the one anybody whose car does this HATES.  "Service Anti-Theft Derrent System" read the message centre.  This means that my car (for whatever reason) thinks that someone is trying to steal it.  As a derrent to theft it makes you sit with the keys in the ignition without actually starting the car (because you can't) for 10 - 15 minutes.  Well I sat there for 30 waiting for that light to go off.  What I didn't realize that was due to the lovely -36*C tempteratures outside the battery had already taken a hit from not being plugged in all morning (I don't have a place to plug in at work) and sitting with the keys in the ignition without starting it had totally drained my battery.  Making the car unable to override the security feature.  Also I had been sitting in an un-heated car in the lovely temperatures for 30 minutes.  My mother's warnings sprang to mind - make sure you wear your mitts and a hat you never know!  Oh mom I'm just going to the car and into work and back to the car I won't freeze in 30 seconds.  No, you won't, but you'll get awfully cold in 30 minutes with no hat and no mitts.  Grrr - I went and asked my MIL (who works in the building right beside mine) if I could borrow her vehicle and of course, she said yes.  So I then had 30 minutes to do my running around instead of 60 - it was rushed and I was still 15 minutes late back to work - bye bye afternoon coffee break.  Cold and miserable I went back to work only to find out that the potential buyer we had for our house had fallen through.  Perfect.  It is our busy season at work so I am inundated with 'to-do's' as we are short staffed.  (which is why I couldnt just take off to take care of Paige my own self) 

I was grateful for L's cheery texts about what P and J were up to currently - they were quite the hilarious pair - poop mess aside and I knew that this day too, would end.  My FIL came and boosted my car for me at 4:30 and I kept it running so that the battery could charge.  The last and (supposed to be) best part of my day was yet to come.  L and I had what we call a 'girl date' planned where we go out for supper order appatizers AND dessert no husbands, no kids and enjoy each others company.  After the days we had each had we were both looking forward to it.  Paige had other plans.  We had left the house (L's husband had graciously volunteered to watch all 3 girls while we went out my hubby had meetings all evening) We were driving and at the lights on our way to the restaurant when L's phone started ringing.  We looked at each other quizzically.  "Well that's not a good sign" L said.  "No, but what could it be?  We've been gone not even 5 minutes" I replied.  L answered all you can hear is frantic little girl screams and poor S explaining his horrid 3 1/2 minutes. 

I guess I forgot to mention that sometimes Paige does this thing where if she gets mad enough she will barf.  Not that she's sick or anything (I can usually tell the difference between 'sick barf' and 'angry barf' don't ask me how - you don't want to know) but just MAD.  She puked.  All over S and all over herself.  We turned around and went back Paige in the tub S trying to manage the crying 6 month old, J who is curious why P is in the tub covered in barf and P screaming to high heaven.  Bless that man, he didn't even look frazzled. 

I won't go into detail with the clean-up suffice to say our 'girl date' was rescheduled and I took P home.  Instead of our wonderful meal we had planned L ate some yogurt and corn bran and I had a tuna sandwich.  Motherhood is nothing if not glamourous.  HA! 

Paige and I went home to change into pajamas and watch curious george for the 3457 th time.  Then it was snack (she did barf up all her supper after all) and bed.  What a day, what a night.  At the end of it all, I'm grateful for memories that will certainly make for funny stories later, an adorable if a little difficult daughter, a loving husband and really, REALLY great friends.  How was your day?? It had to have been better than mine! Lol.



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