Thursday, January 31, 2013

Who decided hibernation was a bad idea?

Seriously.  The husband texts me at 8:15 'forgot to take the garbage out'.  Great.  Of course you forget on the day where it is -37 degrees celcius with a wind chill warning and 40 km/h gusts of wind.  Oh yeah and today joy of joys there was 3 bags instead of the usual one as I've been on a cleaning/purging/organizing spree much of which just can't be recycled. 

That left me 15 minutes to actually get the child into the car, do the garbage, get her dropped at day care and my butt in my office.  I'm guessing a betting man would bet against me.  Well, he would be right.  I put Paige in the car then dashed to the back deck grabbed the bags and in an attempt to 'speed things up' I tossed the first bag over the railing instead of carrying it around through the gate.

Clearly cold weather affects brain function - any guesses as to what happened?  Bingo - bag #1 split wide open, trash spilling onto my driveway.  It's lucky Paige was in the car because I think I screamed.  So muttering and mumbling I carried bags #2 and 3 around through the gate then ran back into the house to grab another bag to put all of the spilled crap into... I finally got all 3 bags to the end of the driveway but anything over one bag you have to pay for tags for the others.  They are orange stickers with numbers and the town's name on them you just unpeel it and stick it to your garbage bag.  Sounds simple right?   It is - in theory.  I had to take my gloves off to get that plasticy backing off of my stickers - then I had another realization in -37 stickers don't stick.  So I looped the sticker around the tie part of the bag and stuck it to itself.  Hopefully the stickers will stay on their bags and when the town comes they will pick them up.  No sticker (even if it is mother natures fault) = no pick up and then I'd still be out the $6 I spent on 2 stickers. 

Luckily, after that, the day care drop off went smoothly and I was still at work within a reasonable time.  I don't hate winter when it is all snowflakes and mildly cold, but this nastiness going on outside can go right back where it came from.  Excuse me while I go make a countdown for 'days until spring.'



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