Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Pickles, batteries and spaghetti...

All you moms (or any women out there!) who work outside the home have those days where you have to buy things on one trip that just don't go together - like you have a shopping cart with animal crackers, cat litter, light blubs and feminie hygene supplies and you just kind of shrug at the look your 15 year old cashier gives you.

 Also if you're like me you always, always, alllllways forget your list.  Or forget to write important things on your list so you repeat them in your head over and over until you're sure when you reach the grocery store, hardware store, dollar store etc you will remember. 

I had forgotten three things on my 'big' grocery day and leaving work I knew I had to remember them on Friday night after work because it was my Saturday to work the next day.  I went into the grocery store across the street from my office saying (out loud but not loudly enough that I thought anyone could hear...) pickles, batteries, spaghetti, pickles, batteries, spaghetti... well I guess when you say it out loud it makes you look a little bit crazy.

I was getting some funny looks and quickly gathered my items and those extras you see and it clicks in your head oooh yeahhhh we're out of that too.  For example I had my pickles, they didnt have my kind of batteries and my spaghetti, then I grabbed a 2L of 2% milk and a can of pasta sauce becuase $2.99 was worth 30 minutes of my time to go home and make the sauce from scratch (which I normally do because I like it better), and a bag of grapes (because 0 points on WW!!) and a bag of apples.  My pickles, batteries and spaghetti cost me $43 by the time I was done! :s And I didn't even GET batteries.  Does anyone else do this?  Is it just me?  I am going to go ahead and blame my mom! Sorry ma!

When we were kids dad would wait in the car with the 3 of us (I realize why now haha) and mom would 'just run in for a jug of milk' and we would place bets on how long it would take her and how many bags she would come out with.  dad would usually high ball and guess a lot like 5, my brothers would be somewhere in the middle and I always having faith in my mom would say 1 with milk in it! I was never, ever right.  Usually dad would be right or mom would be over dad's guess... annnnd it looks like its genetic!  We can blame this on genes right?

New years goal: Just one time to go in and actually only come out with a jug of milk or ya know whatever crazy-don't-go-together things are on my mental list that day! Haha!



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