Wednesday, January 23, 2013

More of the same

Good day blogosphere,

I haven't written a post in awhile for 4 reasons:

1. I have been seriously lacking sleep.  See most recent post (also right after I was done posting that Paige woke up and raised hell)
2. I have been sick with some weird flu/cold mutation.
3. Paige has been more destructive than usual
4. I don't really have any one topic to post about.  Life has just been more of the same.  So I think I'll pick a topic out of the air.  Hmm Let's see... Back talk!

Toddlers shouldn't even be capable of it - and yet mine is.  Here are some of her favorite phrases (most of them contradict one another).

"Mommy do it."
"Mommy goooo getttt itttt" (whiney)
"You better clean that up!"
"What's up dude?" (blame her father 100%)
"What's up dog?" (blame 75% her father 25% me watching american idol)
"Noooooooo mommmmmmmy That not yours that MINE"

Do you see a theme here? Not yet?  I'll go on.

"Paige's phone" (tightly clutching MY phone)
"Paige's couch"
"Paige's _____ insert any word she's probably said it.

and most recently the dreaded "I do it my own self"

Aren't toddlers precious?  Also she recently had her marker priviledges taken away.  She had done so well in the past with only coloring on the pages of her coloring book.  Not the case the other day I watched her take the lid off the marker and begin to color in her pants I told her no and gave her another chance and as soon as she thought I wasn't looking - Boom pants marker.  urgh.  She screamed and had a fit I put the markers away and haven't brought them out again since.  I'm almost getting used to the meltdowns.  I just ignore them.  What a mean mom I am eh? She usually gets over it pretty quick.  That's all I have for news around our household... a little dull but such is live.  No news is good news!



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