Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Merry Everything!

One of the Christmas cards that we received (but did not return sorry!) had in big colorful letters Merry Everything! I couldn't have said it better myself! Here are some fun pictures from our holiday gatherings! 

Helping mom decorate the tree

Finished product! Not too bad if I do say so myself!

Paige and Santa : Paige - HI SANTA!! 
Santa: Hi Paige what would you like for Christmas?
Paige: CHEESE! 
oh my... 

Hmm which ones are for me?? 

Pretty Christmas dress!

Opening presents is serious business!

Paige loves Christmas trees! 

9 am Dec 25 Went to see if Paige was ready to get up.  No, not nearly haha!  I will enjoy this while I still have it!

Daddy was a happy boy!

Paige loves her chair!  

Gotta feed the baby Mom

My girl and I 

Auntie Christy and Paige reading 'The Belly Button Book' 

My moms cat quite content to be snuggled - rough life those animals have... 

Paige helpin' mom make supper

haha We weren't eating cat/dog food she just was allowed those to play with as they are sealed and she had some fun!

We had a fantastic holiday as a family.  All of the Christmases went well - no meltdowns from Paige except for when Chad's cousin Taylor's boyfriend tried to help by carrying her down the stairs she took a minute to get over that one! haha Sorry Colin!  We are officially in 2013 now and I have every intention of making it an even better year than 2012!  

How was your Christmas, New year etc?  



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