Thursday, January 17, 2013

Lacking Zzzz's

Oy.  I need to sleep more.  This I know.  I stay up so that I can 'get stuff done'.  It's usually the same list each night.

*pick up toys
*find and account for the 628 markers/crayons that are scattered about
*Clear the table
*Clean the kitchen

Some nights I'm super successful and I get right to it and get it all done and have the reward of waking up to a fresh, tidy house.  But do you know what happens on lazy nights?

I sit down.  Mistake #1.  Once I sit so much harder to re-get going than it would've been if I had just stayed going in the first place.  Mistake #2 I pick up my laptop and sign in to ww to log my points.  Then I open two more tabs and start perusing facebook, maybe look at mb mutts, open baby gap you know everything that could possibly suck time.

Or even better I'll while away the minutes making a list of the things I want to accomplish in the evening.  What a joke.  When I sit down and start making a list I might as well just turn everything off and go to bed because for reals that is how many things I'll get crossed off my list.  And yet here I sit.  At 12:17 pm and I'm still pathetically hopeful that I'll get my house in order before I turn in for the night :S.  Well the sooner I get off of here I guess the closer I'll get to... falling asleep in my husbands recliner..

It`s ok everybody because I`m going to get up early and get it all done in the morning! (I always say that I have yet to succeed.)

Does anybody else do this?!?

Oh dear.  All I can say is TGIF.



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