Tuesday, January 15, 2013

It's working - or maybe I am

Tomorrow is weigh in day for my weight watchers journey.  It will mark 2 weeks in the program for me.  I have never felt this way before.  I am excited to weigh myself.  Did I just say that?!? It seems so crazy! Even back in my 'skinny' days I was never excited about weighing myself it was always this big anxious, gut wrenching thing.  Buuut I have a confession - I couldn't wait I was too excited! Much like a kid on Christmas... I know it sounds weird to me too.  So I snuck in and weighed myself yesterday.  I told Chad my big confession and said I dropped 4 lbs and he says 'altogether? that's great!' and I said no babe I dropped 3 lbs the first week and 4 as of today! (Monday) 7 lbs total.  Then he actually looked excited! MY husband! He doesn't get excited for annnything!

Also I bought myself a little 'good for me' treat.  Now pre weight watchers this probably would've been a bakery brownie or some kind of ice cream that would've been inhaled in 3.5 seconds however this is the new me!  I bought myself (and my family) a food scale.  *so sorry if this doesn't excite you*  Turns out I've been measuring my food all wrong.  What I 'eyeballed' as 3 to 4 oz of meat yesterday turned out to be only 2.2 oz.  Hmm I always knew I wasn't good with estimating spacial math hahaha.  I actually had a funny thought this morning as I was making Chad's breakfast while admiring my new shiny silver companion.  I remember (a long time ago) watching an episode of house hunters international where there was a couple and they were looking for a house in some tropical destination - I don't even remember where - and they were talking about all of the things the house needed to have.  She said 'a great kitchen because we are super careful about what and how we eat which includes measuring everything' and then HH played a little clip of she and her husband in their kitchen in the states measuring out portions while they cooked together.  I remember thinking oh wow those people are crazy - seriously who has time to measure their food to the teeniest gram?

Funny how times change isn't it?

I can't wait confirm my loss for this past week tomorrow morning - however I have one more obstacle in my way.  I am going out for supper tonight with one of my awesome girl friends and we will be bringing our littles with us.  I've told myself I'm just going to order a salad but I know that Paige will probably have fries and I might just sneak a few but I'll keep myself under my points budget for today and fingers crossed for tomorrow morning.

Another obstacle I've been dealing with here in sunny Manitoba is the weather.  Friday (yes 5 DAYS ago) was supposed to be my day to run Week 2 Day 1 of Couch to 5K however mother nature dropped a nasty snow storm on us with 65 kmph winds and gusting and wicked cold so that didn't happen.  I've been waiting for it to warm up ever since but to no avail.  This gal is bummed about it.  I love running.  I don't know if I'm really allowed to say that considering I'm still such a newb at it but I love the way I feel during my run, I love having nature all around me and my favourite music pumping in my brain, I love having that time away from everything to think about something and work it out or to not think about anything at all.  I am not a treadmill kind of girl.  Although I think I may just have to become one for the month of January in MB because otherwise it looks like I won't be getting a run in at all and that will just not do.

Today I have a lunch date with another girl friend we're just meeting at my house which makes it oodles easier to stay on track but tomorrow I have a lunch date with myself at the gym.  

I just keep thinking how great it will be to post my before and after pictures in how ever many months this takes.  At an average of losing 2lbs / week I will definitely be there by bathing suit season! Yay!!



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