Friday, January 4, 2013

I can't handle the truth!

Can you?  Toddlers certainly think that truth should be spoken.  Loudly. Everywhere.  Paige is finding her voice when it comes to how she sees things examples such as:

We went to her grandparents house for supper.  We were eating pizza that night, homemade pizza, and I was trying to prompt Paige to eat. 
Me: MmmM isn't it good Paige?
Paige: (quirks an eyebrow) Its ooohtay. 
Me (trying to recover) But aren't you going to have some more? It's so good!
Paige: No, I'm all done. 

Drat.  Her grandma offered to make Paige something else to eat but I'm not the nice of a mom.  I said no way! If she's hungry she'll eat her pizza.  If she doesn't want her pizza she's not really that hungry. 

Two days later I'm getting ready for work and Paige is happily playing with her babies.  Paige asked me for milk so I gave her some in her tupperware sippy. 
Then I told her "mommy is going upstairs to get ready ok?  I'll be right back!"
LITERALLY 10 minutes later I came back downstairs to see my floor covered in - you guessed it - milk. 
I looked around and hollered "Paige WHAT IS THIS?" pointing to the milk. 
Paige looked at me like I was an idiot and said simply "It's a mess."
Well that cracked me up but I kept my composure "Why is this mess here Paige?  Who made it?" 
Paige "baby was thirsty" sure enough there's one of her dolls she got for Christmas just outside (thank goodness!) the milky mess. 
Me "what should we do about this Paige?"
Paige "clean it up"
Me "I should clean up your mess? what do you say?"
Paige "Pleeasse"

She also regularly asks family and friends if she can see their belly button.  But at least she's not asking total strangers.... yet. 

What are some funny (or not so funny but ridiculous) things your toddlers have said/done?



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