Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Five percent

Weight loss journal:

Oh Wednesday.  Weigh-in Wednesday - usually I'm excited for it!  I can't wait to see my progress!  Today I was a little apprehensive - last week's weigh-in was no great success I lost 1lb.  My brain knew that 1lb lost is better than 1lb gained but I was all excited because I had done so well the two weeks prior.  So today I stepped on that scale and was down 2lbs.  Still good - still something to be proud of but I need to do better!  I kow I can do better.  Tonight I'm going to prove to myself that I am dedicated to fitness.  It is supposed to feel like -30 and you bet your boots - I'm going for a run.  Outside.

If you just said out loud - HOLY DINA SHE'S CRAZY.

You're right.  I am - a little.  It's just that I want to complete this couch to 5K program and if I wait for the weather in Manitoba to co-operate I'm going to be waiting a very long time. Plus it was over a week in between day 1 and day 2 of week 2 and I definitely felt it.  I'm going to keep on going.  I saw a post on instagram that said "a bad run is still better than no run at all"  I couldn't agree more.  I'm going to dress warmly and have a hot soak as soon as I get home as a reward.  And Shhhhh don't tell anyone but I may even reward myself with a Tassimo hot chooclate.  Whats 3 points when you've just burned through 6?  I promise on non -30 days I'll stick to water ;) 

On to my every day life.

Paige and I over slept this morning.  More accurately I got up super early and went back to bed.  That my friends, is never a good idea.  Chad's parents are out of town for a little while so he is opening up the store.  Which means a 5:15 wake up alarm.  As the good wife that I try to be I got up with him to go make him breakfast.  It was an omlette kind of day so it was fast and easy.  Luckily I can make omlettes while I'm still half asleep (something I learned this morning) I'm not sure how good it was but it was food.  What I should have done is a mini work out, made lunches and spent an actual amount of time on my hair.  What I actually did was stumble up the stairs and fall back into bed until... duh duh duh 7:41am.  I try to be at work for 8:15 I HAVE to be at work for 8:30.  I still had to get dressed, get Paige dressed, brush teeth etc, make lunches, get Paige fed breakfast and into her snow gear and get into the car do the day care drop off and get to work.  Does that seem plausable in 50min?  It is but barely.  Especially when her favorite phrases come into play.

Paige should we go and get dressed?
Yes I think we should.
Babe lookit mommy's late and we need to hurry.
Mommy look! I draw chalk, c'mere pooh bear.
Paige.  We. Need. To. Get. Ready.

Then I got a little co-operation.  She brushed her teeth and we carried on everything was going swimmingly.  8:15 - must get out the door.  I needed to get Paige into her jacket and boots.  The very moment that thought ran through my brain I heard this:

Mommy, I need pee potty!

Don't get me wrong I'm thrilled to BITS that she is 21 months old and 99% potty trained (night time accidents still happen so she wears a pull up but only while she's sleeping) but having said that my girl can pick the most inoppertune moment to need to go pee. 

Oh well at least the pillow marks were off my face by the time I strolled into work... I think anyway.



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