Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Before Facebook

Do you remember such a time?  I know I do.  I know most people I know do but I also know there is a whole new generation coming up who will not.  My daughter's generation. 

When facebook was first introduced it was a neat new thing.  Something easier to use than things that were already out in the media sphere like myspace.  Something faster than email, more interactive, more dynamic.  I opened my first facebook account when I was 17 in grade 11 if I do recall.  However that facebook was not what it is today.  It was much smaller and you only 'friended' people you actually knew.  Privacy settings were more simplistic and actually understandable to someone who does not have a law and IT degree.  It was fun - you could share your pictures - your friends would comment on them.  You could play the odd game and tell your friends and family what was going on in your everyday life.  Businesses weren't really a part of it, not that I remember anyway.

That is not the facebook that I participate in today.  Today my facebook is full of negative things.  I have many people on my friends list that I don't talk to.  I would never send a message to but I also have nothing against I just don't know them, anymore.  Maybe I went to school with them, or atteneded the same function and spoke to them alot at said function or knew someone who knew someone who went to school with them.  Nonetheless I don't want anyone to take offense.  I enjoy looking at whatever people have to post about their everyday lives and if I happen to not care for a particular post I am more than capable of scrolling right on past.  It seems everyone does not have that capability.  There is alot of people hurting others' feelings on facebook these days. Critisim is everywhere.  'Jokes' about 'those people' who post nothing but___________.  People are unknowingly hurting their friends feelings by critizing their posts.  Some would say by pointing out that their posts are hurtful in nature would be me critizing that persons' posts and therefor I am just as bad.  People are getting to a saturation point in Facebook where even though these people are their friends and they are not setting out deliberately to hurt them they are.  It's very simple.  Facebook is changing and in my eyes, not for the better.

The other thing that is very disturbing are some of the photographs that are being circulated.  Pictures of abused children, mutilated animals, beaten women, children with deformaties always with a caption.  Please like and share this picture to stop ___________ or to support__________.  No.  Sharing and liking this picture does not stop or support anything.  Let's have this be known all you are doing is popularizing this photograph.  Think about it.  That picture of a child - did that child or that child's parent consent to having this picture on the internet? No, I highly doubt it.  The fact that Facebook allows images like this to be distributed is appalling.  Another strike against facebook.  I understand the premise of these posts and I understand the people 'liking' and 'sharing' think they're doing something good but its really not, in my opinion anyway.

The most recent phenomina however, is I/these kids/whoever deserve 1 million 'likes' because __________.  This started out as something cute/inspiring/etc.  You know a photo of a solider 'like if you support our troops'.  A picture of a child 'I kicked cancers butt'.  Things like that now its 'like if you think these kids deserve a puppy' 'like if you think my girlfriend and I should have a baby' which I don't really care if these posts come up in my news feed because I am capable of scrolling past neutral posts without thinking about it but if you ever stop to read the comments under the pictures - they are disgusting.  The fact that 1000 people would take time out of their day to insult children who want a puppy is grotesque.  Others comment kind things like 'adopt a rescue' or similar captions but the fact remains that facebook is largely negative. 

My family and I are trying to 'clean up our lives.' This applies to every aspect of our lives.  We are cleaning up our diet, organizing our home, streamlining every aspect.  I believe that you become what you are surrounded by its human nature.  I, like so many others, am trying to make myself a better person.  I don't think facebook is helping me to do that.  In fact, I would argue that it is standing in my way. 

Now, having said all that, I do believe there are good things on facebook too.  Support groups for people with the same problems or the same lifestyle.  Support for families who have lost a loved one in a tragic manner.  Support of any kind is good.  I am part of a group that supports each other as we live the 'fire family' lifestyle.  We have a common bond and understand each other's struggles in ways that other families can not.  It is a constant souce of support and light and I am grateful for it.  I will not leave this group but once I have saved all of my pictures on facebook (that I want to keep) to my computer and successfully deleted them off of my profile.  It will be adios for me and facebook.  It's too bad.  I enjoyed the 'old' facebook but I can't see this current state of affairs changing any time soon as its now a money making corporation.  I will still participate on Instagram, yes I realize its owned by facebook, but so far my instagram is a constant source of positivity and inspiration.  Until that changes I will continue with it. 

I also realize the cringe worthy irony of my posting this blog post on facebook but I feel that it is the best way to make why I'm leaving known.  Also anyone of my friends or family who want to recieve updates on our family, pictures of Paige etc are more than welcome to email me, text me and/or follow my blog to see what we're up to.  I think it will be easier to maintain this blog without the hassel of facebook. 

I really hope I haven't offended anyone with this post.  I certainly am not trying to hurt anyone's feelings.  If you like facebook all the  more power to you!  At this time its just not for me.  :) 
Have a great Tuesday everybody!



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