Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Delays, delays nothing but delays!

(Today's title is a quote courtesy of 'The Bugs Bunny and Tweety Show!' and if you are a child from my era you just heard the announcer guy's voice say the title because it was only like - the best show ever.  It's from the episode featuring this:)

I'm baaaaack! I am sorry about my sudden leave - our house was hit with the flu.  Hit in the place where it takes the longest to recover - mommy.  I don't get the flu very often but apparently when I do I like to make an event of it.  I was down and out for 3 days lost 5 pounds and have never been so exhausted and cold and then hot and then cold again and then ooooo RUN upstairs. You get the idea.  BUT ANYWAY - I'm back now! I've been instagramming my daily photos (for the photo a day challange) and will post them here in a picture-rific blog post!

I've had so many blog posts float through my head since I got sick.  Lots of them were probably crazy, fever induced and non sensical but I suppose that is why those posts don't make it up here.  My current musing is Christmas.  I love everything about it however this year we just don't have any space to put up a Christmas tree and I've had lots of ideas of other ways to decorate for Christmas but like the crazy fever posts it just isnt happening.  In a perfect world once I had an idea I would follow through and complete the craft or project and it would look just the way it did in my head (or cough on pinterest cough) but that (never) doesnt always seem to happen for me.  I'm determined that THIS year will be different! This year has already been different that most in so many ways I want to continue to change for the better! Never stop striving for ... well I just pulled a big ol' blank I don't exactly know what I'm striving for.  Not perfection - I may be exuberant but I'm not crazy there's no such thing as perfection.  I guess I'm striving for being a better me than I was yesterday.  Hm that seems anti climactic.  I guess that's life! Haha one big anti climactic novel unravelling itself as we live. 

Stay tuned! I'm going to use you guys to keep me accountable.  It worked for the junk food (mostly) maybe it can work for this too! I'll post a before and an after picture of my Christmas decorating. (and baking! Ah! What am I signing up for?!) Oh yeah theres that too, another dissappointing side effect of being sick was I missed out on my cookie swap party! I was Sooooo very dissapointed! (and also now I have no Christmas baking whatsoever)

Okay crazy meandering post over.  I promise tomorrow's will have some structure!

Happy Tuesday!



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