Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Timing is everything

My timing on this ‘little challenge’ I’ve extended to myself may have been a little bit off.  By ‘a little bit off’ I mean ridiculously bad. Not to say I'm giving up - far from it.  Every time I have been in my kitchen looking at any of those tasty treats and I can hear myself reasoning why it would be ok to eat it - I have to literally stop and say no! Isn't that why you're doing this in the first place to get away from that temptation?  Temptation, my friends, is everywhere - but I digress.  A couple of days after I started my hubby got sick.  We all know what a sniveling baby a man can turn into when they get any kind of ailment.  It is super stressful to work full time, be in charge of most things toddler and house related with a ‘so sick I’m just dying’ husband.  When I stress I really, really want to eat.  And eat poorly.  Every item on my off limits list was just calling to me! It really bugged me that I really crave it that badly.  The only thing I did have off of there is a bit of fried food. 

As luck would have it my hubby was not just typical over reacting man sick he was legit feeling awful.  I worked on Saturday and I had my alarm set for 6:30 so that I could get all of my house cleaning and stuff done, shower, get ready and go.  You can imagine my sense of doom when I peeled open my eyes and saw 7:30 on my Iphone.  Also hubby woke up even sicker, like could barely move, so on top of waking up late I now needed to find a last minute babysitter for Paigekins, *can I just say thank GOD for fantastic uncles and aunts for Paige* still needed to shower and get ready, and pack a bag for Paige for the day - can you say STRESS!  I got to work way later than I usually do when I work a Saturday and that just throws off my whole friggin’ day.

 Coincidentally this awful Saturday was the lead into potty training Paige.  She was so ready showing all the signs and I figured if the 3 day training fiesta was a bust I would just shelve it for a couple of months.  So there I was with a husband who could barely lift his head, and a toddler peeing and pooping in and on things plus all of my regular cleaning and housekeeping to do because I had overslept the day before…  Then this morning the hubby (whom I had been telling to go to the hospital for 2 days at this point)  decided I was right and he did in fact need to go in.  (He hadn’t eaten anything in 4 days and his fever was causing him to sweat out absolutely everything he drank)  He was severely dehydrated and has some kind of infection but his fever has finally broken.  He is home now and a little better still pretty sick but hopefully his antibiotics kick in soon. 
It was even less fun trying to potty train from a hospital room buuuut in all fairness Paige did GREAT with the potty! I’m relieved that I wasn’t reading all the signs wrong.  She goes to the potty by herself and as long as she’s naked from the waist down she doesn’t need help.  She gets all excited and runs to me saying PEE IN THE POTTY MOMMY! Over and over – it is adorable and exciting!     

All in all I’m grateful that my hubby is ok and on the mend, I’m amazed at how well Paige is doing with her potty training and I’m glad that I haven’t touched the Jersey Milk bar sitting on my counter (it’s been there for 5 ½ days everybody.  An eternity in a choco-lovers hellish no chocolate challenge.  (I may or may not have smelled it a few times oh-em-geeee did it smell grrrreat)  I’m disappointed in the amount I’ve exercised (virtually nothing) but proud that I’ve really stayed away from the no-eat foods.  Here’s to next week being a better week! I just need to keep reminding myself stress does not have to equal eating … now to just go smell the jersey milk one more time before bed.  Maybe I’ll eat some chocolate in my dreams tonight?  Hey a girl can hope!  



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