Friday, November 16, 2012

The mystery of the waking toddler

Paige has been waking up at night.  Like every. single. night. And this momma bear is getting right tired of it.  She is such a good sleeper. She loooooves her sleep - so do I - she comes by it naturally. I couldn't for the life of me figure out why she was waking up for seemingly no reason at all.  Not hungry. Not thirsty. Soother firmly suctioned in place. And yet there I am at 2 and 5 and 6 standing at her crib with her rubbing her eyes and obviously still wanting to sleep but standing up and crying.  It was a mystery.  I tried picking her up and letting her sleep in our bed because ya know when its 2 am and you're tired you don't care what any book by any person says you just want SLEEP.  Or worse when its 5 am and you've yet to go to bed because you were up baking and cleaning until 2 and your munchkin woke up at 3 and refused to sleep until 5 and you know that alarm is set for 6 you kind of want to just curl up in a ball and cry. 

But last night I brought her to bed and my darling daughter turns cuddle time with ma and pa into kick ma and pa in the face. Repeatedly. Not my ideal situation.  I looked at my bed (2 am) - hubby was sprawled out on his half to 3/4 of it and Paige was nicely curled up in what should be MY spot. It looked so peaceful - peaceful enough I considered going downstairs to sleep on the couch - and then the flailing starts.  She kicks and spins and punches the air (or her dad) and rolls like she is going down a hill.  Then her arm will get stuck under her or she will roll right off the bed or any number of things.  At that point (3 am now).  I tried to sleep on my sliver of mattress beside her but I gave up and placed the now back to sleep Paige back into her crib.

My brain still churns for a while after my head hits the pillow no matter what time of day or night it is.  I remembered my mother in law saying that maybe the reason Paige keeps waking up is that she has out grown her crib.  That it could just be she is too big for it and wakes herself up from hitting the sides of it. 

At the time I said 'oh yeah well.. er maybe I guess.'  But in my head said no way when I lay her down at night she looks just right with her little hand and arms tucked under her chest her legs tucked in and her little round bum in the air.  She looks like she fits and she's slept in that crib for her whole life... (minus the newborn stage where she would only sleep on my chest).  But when I laid her down at 3 am and she was all stretched out... well... My mother in law may have solved 'the mystery of the waking toddler' last week already.

It's so hard though! She's only 19 months old! Some kids sleep in their cribs until they're 3!  Plus its not like she's trying to escape or anything.  She likes her crib.  More so, I like her crib.  She's already such a little girl.  Talking in sentences, using pronouns correctly (sometimes), almost potty trained - It's like I barely had a baby.   Does every mom feel this way when big things happen?

Sigh.  My baby is so not a baby anymore.
Time to cheer myself up with cute big girl bedding for her new big girl bed!



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