Monday, November 26, 2012

Seeing Sunshine

When it rains it pours but sometimes if you try hard enough you can see the *sunshine* through the rain.

Currently we are having a mouse problem.  My beloved cat 'kitten' died about 2 months ago.  She snuck out and was hit and killed on the road.  Our neighbours were kind enough to pick her up off the road so that people would stop running over her little body and let us know.  I'll take this moment to say no matter how much small town drama there is I still would not want to live any other place.  I love my small town. 

I'd had that cat since I was about 12 and we found her as a stray in the garage at easter time.  I stomped my feet and made a fuss when Dad said no and then snuck her into my room.  She was mine from then on.  She was part siamese and she picked me as her 'person'.  This cat was crazy and amazing she was like a dog in alot of ways.  She would be waiting for me at the end of our lane after school and I would pick her up.  She would crawl up and curl herself around my neck like a scarf.  I took her with me when I moved away from home and we've never had a problem with any kind of varmint.  She was a spoiled house cat but definitely did her 'catly' duty in protecting us from disgusting critters.  After she died we considered getting a cat but decided against it that we didn't need another pet.  (We also have a maltese X.) I missed her terribly but was comforted that she had lived a good, long, (13 year) life and her death had been quick and painless.  When I found the first clue that we had a problem I immediately kicked myself! Of course!  It was fall it has been a very mild november and of course mice happen when you live in an old house with NO CAT!  I told my hubs about it and he said "well it looks like we might need to get a cat."  I set traps and the bugger licked them clean without setting them off. !?!?!?! Momma was not a happy camper.  I have been bleaching my whole kitchen before and after every use. (My hands are red and raw from all the cleaning.) I am so thouroughly grossed out by it all!
How people keep these disgusting little creatures as pets I'll never know!

*sunshine* My parents gave us one of their barn cats who is all too happy to be a housecat and we are happy because she is already fixed and has her shots!

In the midst of all the cleaning and checking and re-checking my hubby is STILL sick and very exhausted from being so sick and so tired all the time! I feel for him but I too, am exhausted.  Paige is coughing and not sleeping properly usually just as my coughing is subsiding and I am falling asleep she wakes up.

*sunshine* This simaltaneous being awake in dark hours of the day/night has resulted in a few extra cuddles from my girl!

This past weekend my dear and most excellent friend C came to town for a visit with me and Paigekins.  I dragged her along with us to Winkler to pick up the things I needed to mouseproof and sterilize my house.  I also had a few things to pick up off of a local mom swap/buy page on facebook - C was going to do the directing and I was driving.  As it would turn out directions (even with google maps) are not C's strong point.  We were never lost but we both lost track of the number of times we turned around.  Suburbia is like a maze where all the tunnels look the same :S eek!  Eventually we found all of the places and made our way back to Staples to meet up with C's dad.  (She had something of his that he needed) While I parked the car in the parking lot Paige decided it was as good a time as any to cough up a bit of phlegm and it tickled her throat juuuuuussssst enough to - you guessed it- puke everywhere.  fantastic.  So C got to carry a pukey crying Paige into staples where it was warm while I scraped barf off of the carseat, car, and wiped up as much of the mess as I could.  Nothing quite like seeing your kid's breakfast in reverse. 

But there was shopping to be done and I wasn't going to let a little barf stand in my way.  (Note: If I had been alone I would most definitely have called it quits at this point in the story)  I'm a little braver with my bestie having my back.  However we had a few obstacles to over come... Paige no longer had a jacket (that wasn't stinky and wet) to wear.  The wind was bitterly cold and howling and it was starting to snow.  Improvisation is my middle name so I wrapped her up in my big parka and pretended it was a big game of "Where's Paige?" which she loved so that minimized the tears.  We charged into Dollarama three women on a mission.  It was in Dollarama that we realized Paige had puke on her pants.  Like - all over her pants.  Well lucky for this over prepared mom I had an extra pair of pants in my purse.  Crazy lucky? perhaps.  We changed her pants and lovely Aunt C distracted her with a host of stuffed and sparkly trinkets that a dollar store is full of.  After we had our air tight tupperware paid for and bagged we headed back out to the car and Walmart was our next stop.  We wrapped Paige up in my giant coat (yes I was freezing my tukas off thankyouverymuch) and went in.  Wal mart was much more successful partly due to an apple juice and muffin purchased before we started shopping for the little muchkin.  We wound up getting two carts because her highness doesnt like sitting in the baby seat she likes the big part of the cart.  And dont even THINK of putting stuff in there with her. Some nerve we have!  We collected everything we needed from there and made it to the checkout.  A toddler bed, mousetraps, groceries, plastic tubs and many other miscellaneous items later we looked outside and it was storming.  fantastic.  But such is life.  We unloaded the cart(s) into the trunk picked up some lunch and headed for home. 

*sunshine* We had clear roads and good visibility despite the swirling snow.  It could always, always be worse. 

I'm happy to report that Paige slept in her brand new toddler bed last night and did awesome!  My traps have already caught one mouse and our nicely bleached tupperware is keeping all of our food nice and safe!  After a weekend like that I am so very grateful for the amazing people I am proud to call my friends and family! 

*sunshine* C is still my friend after cleaning up my kids barf and helping me clean and re-organize my whoooole kitchen! Love her!

How was your weekend?  Any exciting adventures?



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