Monday, November 5, 2012

moving onwards and upwards

I really don't like being disappointed.  Especially when the person I'm disappointed in is me.  I had all these great blog posts 'written' in my head.  So many good intentions. I'll take this time to sum up the last month.

I turned 23 - ugh. I know its not much I know that in 10 years I'll be hating on my 23 year old self for not enjoying it more.  Its hard though when you feel like a hamster on a wheel that never stops turning.  I was driving home from my mom's the other day and the thought crossed my mind.  These are the days every one talks about.  The song 'It won't be like this for long' popped on the radio and I thought oh yeah high school those were the days.  Such an easy life and I had no idea.  Then it dawned on me.. One day I'll want today back.  One day I'll say oh my gosh where did my little girl go?  Being a young mom who also works full time out of the house is exhausting.  Truly. But it is also incredibly rewarding and I know that I am working towards something.  I am building a life with my husband for my daughter.

I was sick for a solid month or longer - I have no idea where the plague came from but it was horrendous.  My meal planning/ house cleaning/ life in general suffered.  I got by on very little sleep for a very long time which has really put my health behind as well.  It never ceases to amaze me how no sleep and oodles of stress pack on the fat.

We had an amazing Thanksgiving weekend with family.  I had a miniature realization that every family in the world has issues.  (I will admit that my own family has a few more than its fair share of them)  But I love them all the same and I can't imagine how boring family gatherings would be without all of the colorful personalities that make up that crazy bunch! I was reminded over the Thanksgiving weekend of just how lucky I am to have such a great family on my side and my hubby's side.  Love them all so much!

Halloween was just here!  My little Paiger dressed up as a penguin!  We didn't really do the trick or treating thing.  We went to mom and dad's for a ghoulish supper of pulled pork spider buns with fixin's.  It was delicious! We visited the hubby's grandma Trudy, the hubby's mom and dad and two of his aunts.  She loved the chocolate (she is a girl after all! :)).  P's favourite part was coming home though.

My puppy who has not been a puppy for some time now turned 7! 7! Whew. When did everybody get so old around here?  She celebrated by having a little visit to mom and dad's.  I missed her like crazy!  Now that Kitten has passed away the house is just too still without at least one furbaby.

The most recent - and potentially most exciting thing around here lately is P making GREAT progress in her potty training.  She pooped in the potty for the first time on Sunday and I was beyond ecstatic! She does pee in the potty pretty good and smarties are a mom's best friend these days.

I can't wait for this coming Sunday - I am off for 3 days in a row and P and I are staying home for the whole time! Just to really get into potty training and have some much needed relax time.  (If I'm even capable of that) 'relax' may be defined as cleaning out closets and organizing 'junk stuff' Oh the joys!   I am however, hoping to make great progress on P's quiet books that I'm working on.  I just need to collect some more fabric, felt, buttons and zippers and whatever else I can turn into a crafy masterpiece!  I have high hopes for these books!  I can feel the creative juices flowing already!  Dollarama, MCC here I come!

I have more stories (mostly my little dahling daughter and her constant dramatics) but I will save those for another post!

Sweet dreams



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