Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Christmas and cookies and parties - Oh my!

An invitation!  Oh I am SO excited!  I love Christmas and all things Christmas related.  I could (and do) sing Christmas carols all through the year.  Just ask my toddler who was sung nothing but Christmas carols as an infant and she was born in April… It may have had a little bit to do with those being the only songs I could remember all the words to but whatever.

With regular songs this is me: 

You know the type: I’m driving in my car listening to some tunes and I’m all nah-nah-nAH-nahahhh AND WEEEE ARE NEVER EVER, EVER GETTING BACK TOGETHER… aw yeah.  You know the song. 

Back to the topic at hand - Christmas!  I was invited to a bake swap!  I love this idea and have always wanted to be in one.  It’s where you get together with a bunch of other girls (or guys I guess but I don’t know any that bake) and everyone makes a different kind of Christmas cookie.  You make one dozen for each person in attendance so if 10 people come you bake 11 dozen (if you want to keep 1 dozen for yourself) and get to take home 10 different kinds of cookie that you have a dozen of! It’s brilliant!  Also each person includes a little recipe card with their cookies so if you are totally over the moon for them you can make them yourself once you run out.  The lovely lady who has organized it is adding a sort of feel good craft to the party as well.  There will be oodles of sugar cookies at the party that we are going to decorate and then donate said cookies to the Boyne Lodge (an assisted care living facility in our town).  Because the holidays can be a lonely time for some seniors who aren’t able to get out and don’t have family to visit them. 

The big question is – what kind of cookies should I make? 

I’m a little partial to the candy cane/wreath cookies that were always a staple in my house growing up.

You can also pretty easily turn these into wreath cookies just green instead of red food coloring and a circle.  One year I did little licorice bows on my wreaths! Ah-dorable.

But what are your favorite Christmas cookies?  How does one decide?
Help me out friends!



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