Monday, October 1, 2012

you could get sick - ICK - real quick - QUICK

      Well it seems that my baby is sick.  I guess I shouldn't really call her a 'baby' considering she's 17 months old   and has been in her terrible two's for a couple of months already.  She is incredibly smart and so full of charisma it continues to boggle my mind!  Perhaps all parents (especially first time parents) feel this way.  We are all a little biased towards our own little wonders! 

I digress... I thought she was car sick yesterday because we were driving in a hilly and topsy turvy area.  When she woke up this morning she seemed fine I took her temperature just to be sure - however, day care called my office at 10:45 saying she has a temperature of 101.  Naturally I packed up my desk and hurried to pick up my pumpkin.  She was asleep on her cot and it just breaks your heart to see them like that.  I wrote a poem for my mom awhile back and I always think of it when my little one has a fever.  Here goes: 

 Old Faithful

That dusty old trunk
Shoved way back in the closet
Full of old blankets
Patiently waiting their turn

The grandma to-be
Digs it out - dusts it off 
And ever so fondly 
Pulls out a favorite

The mother to-be 
Received that dusty old trunk
And thinks,"these are old!"
But washes them all the same 

The brand new baby 
A beautiful little girl 
Wrapped all in roses
With a smile of pearls 

Then, as it happens
Things go awry- baby is sick
The laundry is filthy
And there is no time 

The mother wraps her
In those wise old blankets
So washed and so worn 
Color that was is now gone 

They have been through it all 
With somany children before
They wrap her just right 
And then work some magic 

The fever is gone
Coughs turned to sighs 
The blankets smile warmly
At the mothers surprise 

These blankets have value 
Not in dollars or cents 
But in comfort and love 
That they wrap babies in
paige and old faithful

Take care everybody! 



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